About Us

Hi! We are the founders of the The Paleo Squirrel! We believe that the ability to cultivate sustainable growth and health inside and out is truly in your hands and your heart. We feel that through a bit of self care, diving in to some habit based challenges, nourishing your body with whole food fuel, and more you can start to see the shift you long for in your life. We challenge you to embrace the life you wish you had so you can start living it today! It is that simple. Let us be your accountability partner.

At The Paleo Squirrel we deliver information, tips and tricks, and even recipes regularly that we believe will help you create and maintain a wholesome, healthful life from the inside out! We share the inspiration that we believe is needed to cultivate sustainable and healthy lifestyle habits through delicious and whole food recipes, raw and unedited real life experiences, and all the things in between.