Living My Best Life

Hiya! I’m Nikki and I am on a journey to live my best life every single day through cultivating healthy habits that invigorate my mind, body, and soul. I’m a 27 year old Gemini, I have an incredible family full of well rounded people aged 1 to over 60, I live in North West NJ with my fiance, and I work full time for a financial company. My life thus far has had its fair share of beautifully high and wondrous ups as well as gut wrenching and heartbreaking downs…a rollercoaster that was not complete without twists and turns of self deprecation, insecurity and unhappiness. Trust me when I tell you I’ve been there, I’ve felt that too… but, guess what?! I also have found my own strength and courage to be open and vulnerable, grateful and gracious, authentic and intentional. Every single day I practice so I can continue to learn and grow. I am so excited to be able to share some of the insights and information with you that I’ve learned along the way thus far and even more that is yet to come. I hope you’ll find something here to help ignite your spark and if you don’t, please reach out and let me know! I am always open to exploring new ideas and topics that you may find useful and bringing them to life here for you!

xo Nikki