Live Your Best Life

Let me ask you a question. What does the ideal version of you look like? Think hard about the habits and qualities that Ideal You carries. Ponder some hobbies and activities that Ideal You loves. Imagine Ideal You being open, honest, and authentic with yourself and in your relationships and even with total strangers. Envision that version of you.

Now, what if I told you that you are that version of you? Could you embrace that? Could you embrace being everything you want to be and more? I think you can, but I think something is holding you back from doing that. What is it that is holding you back? Can you name it? Can you feel it? I bet you can, at least a little bit. I bet it sounds something like this: What will my partner say? What will my friends think? How much smack is that snarky coworker going to talk? I bet it feels scary, overwhelming, hard, and maybe has a dash of guilt on the side.

What if you had someone to help you navigate those feelings, remove the focus from what others may think and put it where it belongs on how you feel? What if you had someone cheering you on along the way? What if you had some kind of accountability to just stick this through, just this one time? Well, guess what?! That is exactly why we are here.

The Paleo Squirrel is your accountability partner. We share encouraging inspiration delivered regularly. We participate in monthly motivational challenges that break bad habits and create healthy habits and routines. We share real life, unedited experiences with you because you are not alone, you are so worthy, and you deserve to live your best life. Take chances. Make changes. Challenge yourself. We’re here for you along the way!