Here at The Paleo Squirrel we feel that nourishing your body from the inside out is one of the most important pillars to improving your life. The food and drinks that we consume fuel our body for our every day lives. If you are feeling bloated, lethargic and run down, anxious and irritable, or if your skin is breaking out and flaring up it may be time to examine what you are actually putting in your body. Your body will give back what you feed it. If you are feeding your body crap, well then you are going to get crap back.

If you are fueling your body with whole, healthy foods and minimize added sugar and excess white, starchy carbohydrates then we can assure you that you will see and feel the difference. You’ll start to notice shifts in just a few days. The food you fuel yourself with has such a powerful impact. Check out some of our favorite recipes here! Remember, we’re here for you! Use the Contact page and reach out to us or leave us some comments with feedback or questions. Spark some change, we’re here to help along the way!